(greEN Energy hUbs for local integRated energy cOmmunities optimizatioN)

A local energy community (LEC) is defined within the context of the eNeuron project as 'a set of energy users deciding to make common choices in terms of satisfying their energy needs'. These local multi-energy carrier systems are being recognised as a promising alternative to traditional centralised energy supply systems. LECs aim to promote the use of clean, affordable, locally generated energy for community prosumers. LECs can also provide additional benefits such as minimising environmental and economic costs, reducing curtailment of renewable energy and grid congestion, and promoting economic growth and employment opportunities in rural areas. 

The eNeuron project aims to develop a toolbox framework for the optimal design and operation of LECs. The design and operation of LECs can be complex due to differing stakeholder objectives, such as reducing emissions, reducing energy costs, increasing profits, and reducing grid investment costs. While a variety of existing tools are already available to optimise long-term planning or short-term operation of LECs, the eNeuron toolbox aims to address both aspects, while accounting for multiple different objectives. 

Following an initial review of the regulatory and technical bottlenecks affecting existing LECs, the eNeuron project will develop new use cases, business models, and planning methodologies to aid in the implementation of community energy hubs. Four pilot projects will be established to demonstrate the toolbox framework and the associated research outcomes from the project.

EPRI Europe participation

EPRI Europe is leading tasks 3.3, the definition of use cases and new business models, and 4.2, the development of a general methodology approach for optimal design and operation of an energy hub. Through programmes 174 and 200, EPRI has built extensive expertise in utility business models, community electricity grids, and DER planning. This expertise will allow EPRI Europe to share state-of-the-art knowledge both to and from the eNeuron project.

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