EPRI Europe

EPRI Europe, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, was founded in 2019 as a non-profit organisation to conduct objective and independent energy and environmental research, development and demonstration projects, for the benefit of the public. EPRI Europe aims to enhance the quality of life by making energy safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable. EPRI Europe participates in the European Union's Horizon 2020 / Horizon Europe collaborative programme as well as other research projects with European governments, organisations, and stakeholders.

EPRI Europe is the European research arm of EPRI, a world-recognised non-profit RD&D membership organization with global reach.  EPRI Europe shares EPRI’s focus on electricity generation, delivery, and use, providing technology, policy and economic analyses to drive long-range research and development planning.

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New European Project Aims to Increase Consumers' Involvement in the Energy Market by Using AI

Europe (July 18, 2024):

Leading energy industry and research collaborators from across Europe are launching the EU-DREAM project this month to accelerate innovation in digital tools and enhance the adoption of digital services in the energy market. 

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