(Effective Uptake of Digital Services to Repower European Consumers and Communities as Active Participants in Energy Transition and Markets)

The energy sector struggles with effectively integrating digital tools and services, hindering innovation and efficiency. Consumers face barriers in adopting new technologies, often due to a lack of user-friendly solutions and clear benefits. This gap between technology and consumer needs slows down the transition to a more digitalised energy system. Addressing these challenges is crucial for achieving a sustainable and efficient energy future. 

In this context, the EU-funded EU-DREAM project brings together leading energy industry and research partners to accelerate digital innovation. Aligned with the EU Action Plan on Digitalisation of the Energy System, EU-DREAM aims at accelerating innovation in digital tools for the energy sector. A key feature is the introduction of an AI-based assistant and a Natural Language Processing (NLP) intermediary, which will translate complex energy market details into everyday language, making it easier for users to manage their energy consumption. The AI tool will act as an energy attorney, optimizing energy settings based on user preferences, while the NLP interface will facilitate communication in layman's terms.

A Digital Twin (DT) of households will be created using real-time data from sensors, allowing for detailed monitoring and optimization of energy use. These household DTs will integrate into broader community DTs, offering insights for new market designs and consumer-oriented business models.

The project will validate its solutions in six Living Labs (Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Denmark), each with a specific focus. 

Overall, EU-DREAM seeks to create next-generation energy services that are simple, transparent, and effective, enhancing consumer engagement and trust in the energy market.

The project comprises 17 partners from 9 different countries.


EPRI Europe participation

 EPRI Europe will contribute to the Irish Living Lab (LL) “Empowering consumers for energy management” in Dublin, Ireland. This LL aims to address consumers' empowerment to optimise energy usage in Ireland through real-time data analysis and AI algorithms, ensuring efficient self-consumption and minimizing grid reliance.  EPRI Europe will also lead the dissemination, exploitation, and communication activities.  


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