(HVDC-based grid architectures for reliable and resilient WIdeSprEad hybrid AC/DC transmission systems)

Europe's energy transition from fossil-fueled thermal electricity generation to renewable energy has highlighted the inherent vulnerabilities within power systems. Transmission systems are becoming increasingly important as generation moves further from load centers. This raises concerns about system reliability and resilience. EPRI's existing Climate READi initiative has highlighted the importance of resilience analysis in transmission planning.

High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission has been recognised as the most efficient way of transporting electricity over long distances. Currently, HVDC grids are used mainly for connecting offshore wind to the grid, or for non-synchronous grid interconnection, but the HVDC-WISE project will explore the potential for widespread integration of hybrid AC/DC transmission grids. Ongoing work with the Integrated System Strategic Planning initiative and P40 Transmission Planning programme highlight EPRI's experience in integrated planning approaches, HVDC research, and resilience planning.

The objectives of the HVDC-WISE project are to design, analyse, and validate HVDC-based architectures for European and GB grids. The resiliency and reliability of these concepts will be evaluated and demonstrated with tools, methodologies, and use cases developed within the project. The HVDC-WISE consortium is being coordinated by the SuperGrid Institute and includes EPRI members such as Tennet and Amprion.

EPRI Europe participation

EPRI Europe leads the work package responsible for coordinating the dissemination of project outputs and results. This includes the development of documents detailing the methodologies and recommendations produced by the project, as well as an online course aimed at transmission planners. EEU is also active in scoping technical activities, model and use case development, and the development of protection systems within the project.

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