(Comprehensive, fast, user-friendly and thoroughly validated open-source energy system planning framework)

As energy systems become increasingly intertwined, comprehensive, and user-friendly, modelling and data gathering toolsets are needed to understand and plan for a sustainable, resilient, and cost-effective energy system.

The objective of Mopo is to develop a validated, user-friendly, feature-rich, innovative, and comprehensive performing energy system modelling toolset to serve public authorities, network operators, industry, and academia to plan sustainable and resilient energy systems in a cost-effective manner. The scope of the major energy vectors in Europe includes power, transport, heating, and industry. 

The Mopo project is accelerating the development of the Spine Energy Systems Modelling toolset. This toolset is an open-source software to allow the management of data and scenarios as well as the modelling and simulation of workflows. It will also allow for the development and implementation of energy system workflow analysis and account for the integration of increasingly complex and diverse data sources.

EPRI Europe participation

EPRI Europe is leading a work package to develop a pan-European energy systems data set, extending our capability to bring large, long-range energy system analysis tools to the European context, like our capabilities with REGEN in other regions. Similarly, EPRI Europe is involved in guiding the development of the component tools by collecting and synthesising the needs and requirements of the industry and potential users.

EPRI related programs

JAN 2023 – DEC 2026
Funding Programme
Horizon Europe
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