(Sourcing Hydrogen for Alternative Mobility, Realising Opportunities and Creating KnowHow in Ireland )

Hydrogen (H2)-based local energy ecosystems have the potential to provide integrated, flexible solutions for decarbonisation of hard-to-abate areas of the economy. These solutions offer the benefits of security of energy supply, reindustrialization, and socio-economic opportunities by establishing a local, regional, or national sector based on green hydrogen and Renewable Energy Sources (RES). 

SH2AMROCK will deploy green hydrogen across key hard-to-abate sectors across the island of Ireland – including key infrastructure to enable the production, distribution, and use of green hydrogen. The 5-year project, with a total investment of approximately €80m, will showcase the capacity of H2 to maximise penetration of RES through sector coupling, while facilitating widespread integration of renewable H2 into Ireland’s energy system. 

SH2AMROCK will realise this goal by deploying the country’s first hydrogen valley and multi-modal H2 transport hub in Galway – accelerating the island of Ireland’s energy transition and decarbonisation across multiple end-user applications.

EPRI Europe participation

EPRI Europe's main contribution will be under the development of the Digital Twin. EPRI will use spatial data on electrolysers and ancillary equipment (Trailer fill/HRS) to create an exact model replica of a commercially viable small-scale hydrogen system in operation both as a whole and as parts of it, based on NUIG research outputs supplemented by real-life results from SH2AMROCK. The model will be updated regularly and used to run use case scenarios in the digital twin model to assess the optimised operation of the hydrogen generation and end-use scenarios. The outputs will be used to optimise the actual system operation. Additionally, EPRI will support the development of techno-economic assessments of supply, distribution/transmission and use of hydrogen for sector and application coupling within the all-Ireland energy context. 

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